Boom Beach and its Course of Improvements


RTS has been an electronic gaming tradition since electronic gaming first began. Whether it was the silliness of magnetic linebackers a’ quivering, LED hash marks on a battery-powered and beeping handheld (with no passing allowed), Xs and Os with trackballs that nipped at your palms or a playbook program like Boom Beach for the iOS and Android, Real Time Strategy has been playable for as long as we’ve had electronic home gaming.

Like any game, Boom Beach hack roots from competition on acquiring free diamonds. It needs occasional upsets to shake things up. Nobody really likes a long-running dynasty, but everyone loves challenge. Players who’ve been with their home bases through winning raids know one when they see one. Yes, when an explosive unknown comes on the scene, everyone notices.

Boom Beach in its second year you watch the game evolve with a certain amount of pride as it goes through the motions of raising its position among RTS games. You know its stronger than last year, and the veterans spent all last year improving so they can compete with Boom Beach. The rookie has created competition throughout the gaming industry of free-to-play base building genre, and the star veteran worries about its status.

That’s how it felt last November of 2013 when SuperCell announced that Boom Beach would be debuting along side with its predecessor Clash of Clans. The analogy isn’t as tired as it seems. SuperCell surprised gamers with a solid, extremely good-looking action RTS game that only lacked extras like social chat and team play, at that time. Its running game needed work, but it was more fun and better looking than the stodgy veteran, Clash of Clans.

The only good thing about the above scenario is that the veteran gets a little less complacent and tries a little harder. In other words, competition makes everything better by bringing better things to the participants. SuperCell and other big players in the game of base building RTS are trying their best to compete with Boom Beach and the status it has achieved within just more than a year of stint in the market.

Think about it. SuperCell’s gaming series, despite prevailing on the mobile market front for over 4 years now, debuted on its platform with lackluster reviews. The competitors gave it stiff competition, but each year Boom Beach got a little better.