Top Reasons to Love SimCity Buildit

Simcity Buildit is a mobile game developed by Maxis and is being published by none other than the gaming giant Eletronic Arts. The game fits in the simulation genre, specifically the city building game, and your goal is to create and manage a fully functional city. Its mechanics revolve around the management of various assets such as electricity, water, sewage system and everything you can think of that are essential to a city. The game offer so much content and detail that it is easy to lose track of time and get addicted to it. The graphics are simple yet pleasing. You can see that the developers focused more on the gameplay.

Building a city will be a bit confusing at first and figuring the perfect synergy between assets will take some time. This has been the case for the most of the players of the game, especially those who are new to the whole idea of SimCity game itself. We can say, it is easy to learn but hard to master. But as long as you love to play the game, everything will be a lot easier. The multiplayer is its strong point, even though at launch was broken and inaccessible. But after a few patches and updates, it came together. The multiplayer gameplay creates a vast ecosystem of different cities that can be very immersive especially with the presence of players all over the world as shown in detail here.

There are also features that can give more spice to the base game. Imagine the look of your friend’s face seeing Godzilla wrecking havoc over the city. What about aliens, and earthquakes, and meteorites that will destroy the city? As far as the game’s overall quality of the game, EA and Maxis hit the nail in the head and Simcity Buildit live up to its predecessor even though this one is a mobile game for iOS and Android, something that were not present way back when SimCity PC versions were dominating the city building industry.

So, if you are a fan of Simcity game on whatever platform you can think of, you are totally going to enjoy Simcity Buildit. It’s huge advantage compared to its predecessor is its highly mobile platform. The mechanics, gameplay, graphics, everything are all top notched.