Castlevania Resurrection – A solemn Reminder

A solemn reminder: although this year will be an incredible year for Dreamcast owners indeed, with amazing titles in the works (Shenmue 2, Floigan Bros., etc.), and many solid classics (Half-Life, Unreal Tournament) already on their way – there are a few games that weren’t so lucky. These are the games that lost their way, the games that, for one reason or another, seem to have dropped off the radar indefinitely. This week we will take a look at some of the games that fit into this sad, sad category.

Today we focus on Castlevania Resurrection. One of the longest running series in video game history, Castlevania thrusted players into a dark world where they had to battle vampires (including Dracula himself) and other creatures of the night for the fate of the world. Appearing on virtually every major system, Castlevania built an impressive fan-base with hardcore gamers, and its success on the Dreamcast seemed a sure bet.

The long-awaited twelfth addition to the series, was to see the Countess of Castlevania summoning the powers of hell to create a portal through which everybody’s favorite blood-sucker and his mindless minions could once again return to the Earth. Once he was resurrected, Dracula was to join together with the Countess to finally defeat the Belmont clan and claim the Earth as his own. Of course it would have been up to the player to guide his/her hero (we were never told exactly who the hero would be) through a ghoulie and trap-filled castle to finally put this immortal evil to rest.

Konami had promised an epic 3D adventure that used the Dreamcast’s amazing graphics capabilities to create a series of dark and gloomy worlds. Details were sparse, and the game quickly found itself mired in endless delays.

So what happened? By all accounts, Castlevania Resurrection should be coming out for the Dreamcast this year. One can go to Konami’s Website and access a page entirely devoted to the game, complete with an overview and six screenshots. And the support certainly seems to be there – we get a letter almost every day asking us about this particular game. However, we have received numerous official notices from Konami that Castlevania Resurrection will never see the light of day. It all started early last year when Konami released a series of statements that the game was being delayed indefinitely and a report from the game’s senior producer stating that the game was suffering from a lack of development resources. Then all talk, speculation and information about the game simply dried up. Castlevania Resurrection was dead in the water. Alas, it now appears as if the Dreamcast will never get a Castlevania game to call its own.